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Our Hygiene Program offers 6pm to midnight access to two port-o-potties and a shower trailer for all Portlanders. Ambassadors ensure they are cleaned after each use. We also enhance community health by providing an exchange of soiled bedding for clean; a clothing swap; and an offering of personal, menstrual/moontime hygiene, and first-aid kits.

Our Safety Program includes two ambassadors ( at least one with experience living unsheltered) on-site 6 evenings per week . They maintain a welcoming environment, offering basic first aid and a listening ear. They are trained in first aid, trauma reduction, and de-escalation. We are partnering with Portland Street Medicine and other grassroot organizations to develop site specific training.

Our Hospitality Program offers coffee, tea,  books, and attendants charged with nurturing community connection, gentle personalism, conversation, comfort, and advice. We will be partnering with Portland Street Books to provide a small on site borrowing library.

Our Sanitation Program provides garbage bags, trash drop-off, and limited nearby garbage collection & recycling. We additionally offer SHARPS collection; pet waste bags. We will be partnering with Groundscore to offer opportunities for additional waste related work for attendants.

Why we do what we do

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