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The city of Portland has placed hand-washing stations and porta-potties throughout the metro area that are cleaned only every three days. Unfortunately, fewer than 35% of the port-o-potties placed are equipped with hand-washing stations. 


Hygiene4All has had to put a temporary hold on our much larger projects due to the "Stay Home - Stay Safe" order that was passed by our governor.  In the meantime, our unhoused neighbors are at more risk than ever each day. We are proposing a much smaller project during the COVID-19 Pandemic to help those most in need and to further bridge the gap between the housed and unhoused.


Our proposal is to begin an attended port-o-potty and hand-washing station that will be sanitized after EACH use.

The city of Portland supports our efforts to:


Create a mini version - one location of the Hygiene Hub that will allow us to:


  • Sanitize the port-o-potty between each use

  • Sanitize the hand-washing station between each use

  • Distribute foaming soap and paper towels.

  • Model social distancing and cleaning protocols

  • Distribute food that doesn't require cooking

  • Take requests for items needed/medical attention needed - pass on to appropriate parties

  • Share critical information such as: list of food, first aid, and medical help, as well their times of operation, addresses, and contact information


How can you help?

  • Donate funds

  • Donate materials (cleaning supplies, masks, gloves, food)

  • Volunteer (at the site or to transport donations)

  • Raise awareness


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Your donations can save lives.

Thank you and stay safe.




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