Opening day December 15, 2020!!

An Houseless Led & Run Hygiene, Sanitation, & Safety Hub

We are a community hygiene and safety hub for our houseless neighbors.

We offer hot showers, clean clothes, and bedding.

We provide safe, clean bathrooms and a legal place to dump household trash.

We give life-saving foot, wound, and mouth care.

We lend books.

We offer a warm outdoor space to gather.

We also offer them paid work and advocacy opportunities.  


We are Hygiene4All.

We were built by, and for, houseless Portlanders.

Because houseless health and safety is community health and safety.


Our hub launches December 15 on Portland’s Central Eastside.

Join us. Be a part of this hopeful, human effort.

Open 6pm to Midnight six nights a week.

Regardless of the weather.

© 2020 Hygiene4All

Hygiene 4 All is a project of the Charitable Partnership Fund, a publicly supported, 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization.

All Donations are tax deductible

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