Thank you for your generosity. With every $15 dollars we are able to pay for an unsheltered staff member to welcome and lend a help hand for an hour.

With every $90 we are able to pay for six hours of staff time; offering safety, bathrooms, showers, wound care, clean clothing, bedding to those for whom most spaces are currently closed down

Your recurring donations not only guarantees basic bodily and mental wellbeing to those most affected by COVID and economic crises; but would ensure grant makers understand the importance of life saving activities for community members with whom we share the sidewalks.

Individually we can offer a ray of hope and kindness; Together we can make the world a more hopeful place

© 2020 Hygiene4All

Hygiene 4 All is a project of the Charitable Partnership Fund, a publicly supported, 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization.

All Donations are tax deductible

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