Measures of Success

Hygiene4All has developed a set of “metrics of success” we will track with the help of our partner Neighbor2Neighbor as we roll out our program.  The primary measures of success are fairly self explanatory. We will benchmark how many patrons we are serving and the quantity of clothing we are able to wash, and return to our patrons or --alternatively -- recycle and remove from the waste stream.  We will also track how many outreach and advocacy  events we execute.


Our Secondary Metrics measure the indirect impact of our program. Extrapolating from San Francisco’s attended toilets we anticipate H4A will reduce 911 calls in the vicinity of our hub. In terms of first responder calls, we project our first aid & de-escalation work should lower injuries & distress

requiring mental health & EMT interventions.

A recent City audit finding 70% of waste collected by City HUCIRP consisted of clothing suggests that our Hub Exchange should substantially clothing & bedding waste discarded sent to landfills, as well.

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